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** Applying will not impact your credit score.

Why Choose Lendvia for Your Wedding Loan?

Experience the freedom and flexibility of Lendvia’s personal loans, designed to empower you on your financial journey.

Smarter Loan Option

Get a wedding loan that’s tailored to your unique circumstances.

Fixed Rates and Terms

Choose between 3-5-year loan options, featuring fixed rates from 4.99% to 34.99% APR.

No Prepayment Fees

Pay off your loan ahead of schedule without any additional charges or penalties.

Guaranteed personalized loans for every customer.*

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To get started, fill out the form with your basic information. Let us know the best time for us to contact you. We respect your time and will make sure our loan specialists are available when it’s most convenient for you.

Discuss your Financial Goals

Speak with a loan specialist to discuss your financial goals, loan products, terms and rates that would be available to you. If you qualify and choose a particular loan, you may also proceed with the application process for approval.

Receive Your Loan Decision

Finally, wait for your quick loan approval decision. If approved, 99% of our funds are sent directly to your account in as fast as 1 business day. Start your journey towards financial freedom today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Brace yourself for the magic of Lendvia! Our application process is as smooth as silk, and you’ll get a decision faster than you can say “I do.” If approved, you’ll receive a lump sum of cash to cover all your wedding must-haves: engagement rings, swoon-worthy attire, venue deposits, travel and lodging expenses, and even those honeymoon vibes.

From there, it’s all about making those monthly payments until you’ve triumphantly paid off the balance or reached your agreed-upon payoff date.

Don’t sweat it! When you check your rates with us, we’ll conduct a soft credit inquiry. No need to worry about it affecting your credit score.

But heads up, if you decide to move forward and submit an application, a hard credit inquiry will be done. It might have a small impact, but hey, timely monthly payments can actually boost your credit score over time.

It’s a piece of cake! In less than 5 minutes, you can check your rate for a personalized wedding loan. Fill out our online funding form with all the deets, including your desired loan amount, contact info, education⁴, income, and total savings and investments.

Once you’ve got your initial offers, it’s time to pick the one that suits you best. We’ll guide you through the verification process and the funding, making sure you can focus on planning the perfect day.

A wedding loan can be used to cover various wedding expenses, including engagement rings, wedding attire, venue costs, catering, decorations, photography, travel expenses, and even your honeymoon. It provides you with the financial flexibility to create the wedding of your dreams.

Lendvia offers wedding loan amounts between $1,000 and $50,000, depending on your qualifications and the information provided in your application. The exact loan amount you can borrow will be determined during the application process.

Lendvia takes a holistic approach to evaluating loan applications. While credit history is considered, we also take into account other factors such as education and employment.

We believe in giving everyone a fair chance, so don’t hesitate to apply even if you have less-than-perfect credit.

The time it takes to receive funds from a wedding loan can vary. However, with LendVia, you can expect a fast and streamlined process. In some cases, you may receive the funds as quickly as 1 business day after approval. Our goal is to provide timely financial support for your wedding preparations.

Lendvia’s wedding loans have an origination fee, which covers the costs of processing and servicing the loan.

The fee is deducted from the loan amount at the beginning, and all terms and fees will be disclosed to you before accepting the loan.

Absolutely! At LendVia, we encourage responsible financial management. You have the flexibility to prepay your wedding loan at any time without any penalties or fees.

Making additional payments can help you pay off the loan faster and potentially save on interest costs.

Say goodbye to wedding planning stress and hello to our hassle-free wedding loan.