Rates & Terms

With our fixed low rates and simplified terms, we get you started on the path to eliminating your credit card balances as quickly as possible.

Loan Rates

We offer fixed rates between 4.99% APR and 34.99% APR.

Loan Amount and Terms

Choose a loan amount between $5,000 and $100,000 and select a term between 1 and 5 years that works best for you.

Origination Fee

The origination fee covers all the costs to create, manage, and service your loan. We have tried to make this as simple and straightforward as possible, by eliminating other commonly seen charges like application fees, prepayment penalties, and annual fees.

Instead, you will pay a very small percentage of the total loan amount you are requesting and it is simply deducted from your loan amount in the very beginning. All terms and any fees will be disclosed before you accept any loan.


The LendVia Way Credit Cards
Focused On Getting You Out Of Debt
One Convenient Monthly Payment
Fixed Monthly Payment
Lower Monthly Payment
Applying will NOT hurt your credit score.